R&D Center


Dopak R&D Center

Goal of R&D Center

The main aim of the R&D Centre is realization research projects relevant to technological development of new products or improvement of already existing products formed by injection and composite molding.

Main tasks

  • Researching and development of quality control methods to improve the quality of manufactured parts, to increase competitiveness of production, to develop modern solutions in the field of quality control.
  • Researching and evaluation of plastic properties to ensure appropriate quality of material, to evaluate the quality of manufactured parts.
  • Researching and diagnostics of machines to adapt machines and peripherals according customer’s needs, to increase machine efficiency by maximum use, to reduce electricity and refrigerants consumption, to prevent and eliminate unexpected failures, to improve the quality of manufactured parts, to reduce production costs.

Proposition for customers

  • Projects realization in one location;
  • Creating an interdisciplinary team consisting of experts from plastics processing field, individually for customer;
  • Acquiring of special, industry knowledge;
  • Developing of a technology adapted to production according to customer assumptions;
  • Arrangement of a complete technological line;
  • Increasing of attractiveness customer’s offer on the market;
  • Manufacturing of a test and pilot series.

Scope of services and tests

Laboratory tests

  • Shore hardness measurements;
  • Tensile, compression and bending strength measurements;
  • Dimensioning of manufactured parts with measuring machine;
  • Evaluation of surface structure, defects detection;
  • Melt flow index measurements;
  • Color measurements;
  • Density and mass measurements;
  • Gloss analysis for manufactured parts;
  • Determination of moisture content in granulated product;
  • Temperature distribution on the part surface.


Technological services

  • 3D part modeling according to customer requirements;
  • Simulation of technological parameters;
  • Matching appropriate equipment for manufacturing, including device for production waste recycling;
  • Simulation of injection process;
  • True consumption of energy measurements;
  • Inserts manufacturing for injection molds to prototypes production.


Offered services

  • Production of prototype models in 3D printing technology;
  • Development of new mixtures, selection of plastics, additives, dyes, determination of their quantity;
  • Selection of product engineering;
  • Development of new injection technologies;
  • Development of full technological documentation (3D drawings, technical drawings, instruction manual, EC declarations of conformity, signs CE, specifications of materials);
  • Reports, analysis, conclusions concerning completed work;
  • Implementation of innovative solutions including intellectual protection;
  • Optimizing technology;
  • Technology transfer to destination place (customer’s factory);
  • Technical documentation adapted to customer’s requirements;
  • Training concerning how to operate and maintain machines.


Chief Executive Officer:

Ursula Steiner

Commercial proxy:

Szczepan Kawa

Director Research Programs:

Prof. Lothar Kroll

Equipment of the R&D Centre

R&D hall

  • 7 complete production lines consisting of:
    1) Hydraulic and electric injection molding machines with clamping forces from 550 to 5500 kN together with technological molds;
    2) Robots with shields;
    3) Peripheral devices such as: transporter, drying system, material feeding and dosing system, thermostat, compressed air;
  • Grinding systems for plastic;
  • Modern technologies:
    1) Multi-component application: Multinject, SpinForm;
    2) Lightweight construction: Fiberform, Mucell;
    3) Surface refining: ColorForm; SkinForm;
  • 3D printer, Autocad Inventor, simulator for learning how to operate injection molding machines;
  • European mold for samples production destined to strength tests;
  • CNC milling machine, CNC automatic lathe, CNC grinding machine for mold processing;

Laboratory equipment

  • Endurance testing machine;
  • Hardness testing machine (Shore);
  • Monoscopic microscope to analyze material defects and material textures;
  • Plastometer, Coordinate measuring machine;
  • 3D scanner, chromometr, gloss meter, moisture analyzer, analytical balance;
  • Meter for pressure measuring; thermographic camera, power quality meter, revenue meter;
  • Depth gauge, callipers, micrometers, scales.

Additional equipment

  • Crane with 32 and 10 ton lifting capacity;
  • Forklift trucks;
  • Stands for testing torque wrenches, checking pressure and temperature sensors, for inspection injection molds;
  • Equipment for cleaning molds and plasticizing unit.

Cooperation with external entities

Activity area of entities

  • Comprehensive research potential and experience of scientific unit’s employees;
  • Expertise and knowledge, advisory, information, training services;
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology;
  • Consulting concerning patent, industrial and intellectual property;
  • Laboratories, many researches regarding various topics,
  • Opinions about innovation.

External units cooperating with Dopak Company

  • University of Technology in Rzeszów;
  • University of Technology in Poznań;
  • University of Technology in Kraków;
  • Technische Universitat Chemnitz;
  • KraussMaffei Company;


  • Short time of project realization;
  • Contributing to development of a modern and domestic industry in the field of plastics processing;
  • Creating -for enterprises- conditions for developing business and competitiveness;
  • Development of enterprises;
  • Reducing cost and time of tests for customers;
  • Prompt contact time;
  • Easy access to specialist information;
  • Realization of international projects via cooperation with foreign external units;
  • Cooperation with science and business world;
  • Creation of multidisciplinary research and development teams;
  • Raising qualifications of R & D teams;
  • Launching of innovative product solutions on the market;
  • Acquiring new knowledge;
  • Developing of new products for patent as well as improving of already existing products;
  • Preparing prototypes and serial production using final mold;
  • Customer is obtaining know-how and state-of-the-art tools ready to be used in his plant.

Building R&D Centre

R&D Centre in Wroclaw

  • Address: Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski Street, no. 1/9;
  • The area of the R&D Centre consist of office building, R&D hall and laboratory – 5500 m­­2
  • Foreseen financial outlay – 30 million PLN;
  • Founding source: 1) own funds, 2) loan, 3) machines leasing, 4) government grant form Ministry of Development.

R&D Centre in Rzeszów

  • Address: AEROPOLIS Podkarpacki Park Naukowo-Technologiczny;
  • The area of the R&D Centre consist of office building, R&D hall and laboratory – 3000 m­­2
  • Foreseen financial outlay – 20 million PLN;
  • Founding source: 1) own funds, 2) loan, 3) machine leasing.

Organizational structure of the R&D Centre

Department of injection molding technology

Department of production robotisation and automation

Department of 3D prototypes, together with design department

Department of quality control

Department of injection molds preparation


Agreement with the Ministry of Development

Dopak Company has signed agreement with the Ministry of Development concerning co-financing the project "Establishing a Research and Development Center in the field of plastics processing".